Forward Hotel Taipei- hotel near to train station

The main reason for staying at Forward Hotel Taipei is because it has a balcony. Secondly, it is just a 3 minutes walk from the train station. Thirdly, it serves good breakfast. Having so decided, we stayed 4 nights there.

The actual name of the hotel is  Forward Hotel Taipei, Songjiang branch(台北馥华商旅-松江馆 ).

**Do note that I’m not sponsored, paid, nor asked to recommend this hotel or any service in anyway. As a tourist, I love it and had really enjoyed the experience, and find the information or service rather relevant to what I’ve personally experienced and simply wanted to share.

Map of Taipei Forward Hotel

Near to Songjiang Nanjing Station

Forward hotel is so near to the Songjiang Nanjing station that when we first arrived, we actually went the wrong way, walking further than what it supposed to be. Do note that SongJiang Nanjing is also a train interchange station, so it is very convenience to go anywhere from here. The train station is indicated by the red coloured arrow on the map. The map is obtainable free from any train stations.

SongJiang Nanjing

Location of Taipei Forward Hotel

Upon exiting from Exit 3 of Songjiang Nanjing station, simply turn right and go through this quite road, look at the following picture and see how near the hotel is from the train station.

Location of Taipei Forward Hotel

Location of Taipei Forward Hotel

The exact address of  Forward Hotel Taipei:

Taipei Forward Hotel address

Taipei Forward Hotel surroundings

A huge convenience store, 7-Eleven, is located just beside the hotel. We went there often to get our snacks and drinks. Beside the hotel are some restaurants offering western and Korean food.

Convenience store beside the hotel

Food stalls beside the hotel

The hotel has no porter to help carry your luggages, that is no issue at all, as there are 2  lifts to help and no stairs to prevent you from rolling the luggage around.

Business Room with Balcony

We were quite surprised upon check-in to the room. Wow, it was cozy and much spacious than what we had in mind. A safe is provided to keep your passport and valuables. And most importantly, free WiFi all day. A mini Refrigerator is there for your cold drinks. A handy hair dryer is included in the room.

Business Room


Taipei power socket:

Taipei power socket

The Hotel Room With A Balcony

And yes, there is a balcony for us to walk about and taste the snacks we bought from 7-Eleven and the many Taipei night markets. It’s really tough to find a good hotel with balcony and yet located so near the metro station. I actually went through dozens before finding this one which I find it’s pricing suits my budget.

Taipei Hotel Room with balcony

The balcony offers us what we wanted, despite being small and narrow.

Taipei Hotel Room with balcony

Looking around from the balcony though the view was not at all fantastic, we loved the way it was, we just wanted something away from the noisy town area.

Taipei Hotel Room with balcony

Room with a balcony view

How much did we pay for the room? For the 4 nights stay, we paid a total of US$390.00 for a Business Room. We thought it was value for money, even though we only enjoyed 2 days of breakfast as we set off earlier before breakfast time and never returned till past 9pm.

Other rooms in the hotel

Every morning I would ‘sneak’ in to some vacated room to take some pictures of other rooms…… with the permission of the housekeeping staff. Here’s what other rooms in Taipei Forward Hotel looks like:

Other Rooms

Other rooms

The standard room looks to be quite cramp.

Other rooms of Taipei Forward Hotel

And the most expensive room of  Forward Hotel Taipei is this Suite:

Business Suite

Not too expensive actually, it costs about US$120.00, some US$20 more than my Business Room.

Taipei Forward Hotel - Business Suite

Business Suite

Business Suite

Taipei Forward Hotel - Business Suite

 Forward Hotel Taipei- Business Suite

Breakfast at Taipei Forward Hotel

One of the main reason we had chosen this hotel is because it offered a mix of local and international breakfast. As we had checked with some other hotels, those which cost less than NT$2,500 ( US$76.00) usually either do not provide breakfast or with very simple breakfast of buns and sausages.


Fried rice, noodles, vegetables, cereal, sausages, Chinese buns etc, Forward Hotel Taipei had it all! Even though we were not big eaters, but seeing them having so much of it did allow us to have more choices.


Taipei Forward Hotel- Breakfast



Forward Hotel Taipei Breakfast Lounge

Forward Hotel Breakfast lounge

 Forward Hotel Taipei

I like this card, it allows us to place it on our table to reserve it, while the whole family can go on and get the breakfast, instead of fearing someone would take over the good seats.

The breakfast time seems need to be adjusted earlier to 6am, on a few occasions when we went out earlier at 6am, we also seen many tourists left for their destination, obviously didn’t take their breakfast. We ourselves missed 2 days of breakfast also.

Breakfast timing

Other facilities of Taipei Forward Hotel:

The hotel provides 2 huge capacity washing machines and 2 units of dryer. Best of all, it is free for all. You can get your clothing wash/dry and collect it back an hour later. Try to avoid the peak period of 8pm-10pm.

Forward Hotel Taipei Laundry room

Need some workout? There is a gym room at its lobby, rather small room indeed for 3-4 persons usage.

Forward Hotel Gym room

Need a computer to surf the net? 2 units of desktop PC is there and free for all to use.

 Hotel Lobby

As in most hotels in Taipei, the check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 12pm.

 Hotel Lobby

What about the service?

Four things we disliked about it is the housekeeping in our room was done when we were not around even though we had placed the cards of ‘ Do Not Disturb’ outside the door.

Secondly, we had seek help on transportation to go to the Yeliu, beside being a popular tourists hotspot, the staff could not provide an answer, we went to search it ourselves. Two days later( take note, it’s 2 long days later), the staff came back with an answer, but that was the day when we check-out and we had already been to Yeliu. How late an answer can it be!

Typhoon was about to arrive in Taipei on my second day in Taipei. The staff despite knowing it did not bother to even warn their customers anything about it. We learned it only when we were already way out on the street. How dangerous is Typhoon? When all government officers and schools closed, and many street hawkers and shops closed too.

I intended to come Taipei again, and wanted to book the hotel direct or through email, I tried it and was quoted a price 30% more than what I could get it online, despite being an ‘old’ customer. So I guessed they do not value repeated visit. I went to another one instead.

The Hotel Front desk

As in most hotels in Taipei, the check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 12pm.




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