Bus From KL To Genting Highlands

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We took a bus from KL to Genting, and it cost us just RM$4.30 per person, instead of the usual RM$30.00 per person by taxi. Wow, that’s just US$1 as compare to US$7 by taxi!

So how to get to the bus station?

Step 1: Go to KL Sentral.From KL To Genting Highlands

The yellow coloured arrow pointed to KL Sentral.KL MRT map

Here is the full map, which is obtainable from any station counter.

KL MRT map

From KL to Genting Highlands by bus

The yellow coloured arrow in above and following pictures pointed at the entrance to the bus station, can be easily located as it is just beside the huge escalator. From KL to Genting Highlands by bus

From KL TO genting Highlands

From KL TO genting Highlands

Buses to may destinations are available at the basement bus station.From KL To Genting Highlands You may book the bus ticket to KLIA also. *KLIA- Kula Lumpur International Airport.

From KL To Genting Highlands

Here you would see many taxi touts trying to get you into their taxi. They offer RM$30 per person. The car can seat 4 passengers. The journey will not start until the car is fully loaded. By taxi, it takes about 45 minutes to be at the top of Genting Highlands, where the Hotels, Casinos and theme park is. But you would miss out the interesting gondola ride.

From KL To Genting Highlands

But look at the bus ticket price offering at the counter, it’s just RM$4.30!From KL To Genting Highlands

Though we were there on Friday at 1pm, seats for the next available bus at 2pm was already fully booked and we were forced to get the one at 3pm. As we planned to spent just 3-4 hours at Genting Highlands, we booked the return trip as well.  Again, we could not get the slot we want to and eventually had to book the 7.30pm return trip. From KL To Genting Highlands

It’s a 36-seater bus with comfortable seats. The journey to Genting Highlands takes about an hour. From KL to Genting Highlands by bus

The bus do not bring us direct to Genting Highlands. Instead it stopped at Awana SkyWay. We need take the gondola to reach the top, where the theme park, hotels and casinos is.From KL to Genting Highlands by bus If you did not book your return trip at KL Sentral earlier, go get it now at the counter. We were told that its almost impossible to get a same day return trip ticket. You might ended up staying overnight here, or leave by the expensive taxi.

Genting Awana Skyway Upon alighting from the bus, we proceed to Level 4 to get tickets for the cable car, or Skyway.

Genting Awana Skyway

Genting Awana Skyway

Ticket for the cable car is RM$8.00 per person for the Standard Gondola for a one-way trip. Again, we booked for the return trip as well.Genting Awana Skyway

The Express Standard Gondola is priced at RM$40.00 for a one way trip. We were curious at why the price gap? We seek advise from the counter staff and discovered that the Express Standard Gondola offers those who are in a hurry the priority to ‘cut-queue’…… certainly useful when the queue is long.From KL to Genting Highlands

But on this day, the queue is short. It took us a just 10 minutes to get into the gondola.From KL to Genting Highlands by bus

From KL to Genting Highlands by bus

From KL to Genting Highlands by bus Let the customer service officer know in advance if you are travelling in a group. Or they might split your group into 2 gondola, as they work on a first-cum-first-serve basis, loading each gondola with about 8 adults.

From KL to Genting Highlands by bus It was raining when we arrived. Nevertheless, the scenery outside the gondola was fantastic, more so when white cloud passed by.

Genting Awana Skyway

The gondola journey takes less than 10 minutes. We were brought to a huge shopping mall.Victor Lim

Victor Lim

Enjoy your trip.

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