Getting around Singapore

As mentioned in earlier post, because Singapore is a small island, it makes travelling from one place to another all the more convenience and fast. Getting around in Singapore is as easy as ABC.

The island features 3 main modes of transportation, taxi, public bus and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). For tourists, the most convenient transport is probably taxi & MRT.

You can easily hail a taxi along the road, queue at a taxi stand or make a phone booking. In Singapore, there are a few taxi companies offering the service , thus the distinctive colour of the taxi to differentiate  them.

Getting around Singapore Singapore taxi

Most taxi are allowed to carry 4 passengers, 1 in front and 3 at the backseat. Regardless of which taxi one takes, all fares are charged by the taxi meter, unless it is a chartered taxi. It is illegal for a taxi along the road to quote a flat rate to its customer.

The flag down rate for taxi ranges from SGD$3.00 – $4.00, depending on types of taxi, and rises according to the distance travelled. A surcharge may apply due to the location and time you board the taxi.

Getting around Singapore

A general guide on the taxi charges ,it all depends on time and location of boarding .

Getting around Singapore

A general guide on Taxi charges. If in doubt always check with the taxi captain before boarding.

As Singapore is a small island, a 1.5 hour on the road would have bring you from East to West, thus as a general guide, a 1 hour taxi ride would cost between SGD$20.00 -$25.00, pending any traffic jam, and in Singapore long traffic jam of more than 10 minutes is rare, unless road accident happens or during the peak hours. If in doubt, always check with the taxi captain before boarding. Our taxi captains are generally friendly and helpful ,they can even take your preferred route should you know the streets well.

Taxi aside, I certainly recommend taking the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport). The system is so well developed and extensive that it covers almost all tourist attractions from a mere SGD$0.77 to $2.50.

Singapore MRT

In each station, comprehensive map of the area around the station is provided. If that is still not enough, the friendly officers in the station is always there to help.

Singapore MRT

For tourists, the best way of getting around Singapore is through the Singapore Tourist Pass which offers unlimited travel not just on MRT, but the bus services as well. Getting around Singapore

The Singapore Tourist Pass Plus even offers a one day FUNVEE Open Top Bus Tour to many places of interest and a one day Bubble Jet Ride on Singapore River for free, a value for money, irresistible good deal indeed!

To get the pass ,simply chose the number of day you need the ride. The Singapore Tourist Pass can be purchased directly  from the Ticket Office in some MRT stations : Changi Airport, Orchard, Chinatown, City Hall, Raffles Place, Ang Mo Kio, Bugis, Lavender and Bayfront.

Singapore MRT map

The island country has a good transportation in the bus service. Singapore has so many public buses that it covers nearly every corner of the island. If in doubt of which bus service to take or where to alight, just ask the friendly bus captain.

Getting around Singapore

A public bus





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