Jiufen Hotel

My initial plan was to stay a night at Jiufen Old Street to experience countryside life. One day to Jiufen is certainly not enough, I knew that before I even come, but it is certainly bigger than what I had thought. For those who said that Jiufen can be tour in a day, I would said they probably has not seen the best of it or seen all of it. Perhaps they just hopped onto a taxi and asked to be brought around the area for a 30 minutes photo- stop each. And for those who even plan of visiting Yeliu, Keelung, Jiufen and Shifen all in the same day, they have better don’t come, it is Mission Impossible. There are just so many things to see here.

Mind you, just a simple walk in Jiufen Old Street would take 2 hours. After spending 5 hours in Jiufen, I merely visited 3 places out of a possible 10 attractions : Jiufen Old Street, Jinguashi Gold Museum and Golden Waterfall, to think that there are at least 4 more interesting places to go. So if you are planning to come, do set-off earlier from Taipei, and  set off to Ruifang Train Station at 7am and be here by 8-9am.

The next best solution is to have a overnight stay in one of the hotels here, some called it homestay.

Hotels at Jiufen

The main street of Jiufen Old Street would naturally leads visitor to the open area where the scenic view of Jiufen unfold.

Jiufen Old Street viewing gallery

On the way to the viewing gallery, we had seen many Homestay places, but just steps away from the viewing gallery, there appeared a hotel out of this world. It attracted many curious visitors who probably had the thought of : I should have booked this hotel……..

Shan Hai Guan Hotel

九份山海觀民宿 Shan Hai Guan Hotel

九份山海觀民宿 Shan Hai Guan Hotel

九份山海觀民宿 Shan Hai Guan Hotel

Many visitors were stunt to see the pricing and the facilities of this hotel. I thought the price was rather low taking into factors that it offers a cozy lodging and a fantastic view of Jiufen.

九份山海觀民宿 Shan Hai Guan Hotel

Overview of Jiufen Hotel

The stunning view you get for staying in that hotel.

Stunning view from Jiufen Hotel

Things to know when booking hotel at Jiufen

Perhaps had I the chance I would want to stay overnight in this Jiufen hotel, located at Jiufen Old Street. Having said it all, if you go to the website of the hotel, it has a gentle reminder for interested customer , I quote:

‘we don’t have pick-up service, and taxis can not come inside the old street to our front door. Our rooms are all on the 3rd and 4th floor without elevator. so if you have heavy luggage or elderly companion who is not able to climb stairs, please consider this situation before booking the room.’

Jiufen Hotel along the narrow street

In fact, since arrival at Jiufen, I was shocked to see many hostels and hotels lying along the steep road leading up to Jiufen Old Street and on the narrow street itself. hotel along Jiufen Old Street

Located along the narrow alleys, many guesthouses are too small to be noticed. There’s no way these lodging places could be accessed through any transportation. But one thing for sure, if you have some plans to stay overnight in Jiufen, do not carry along a luggage or trolley bag, you could be having a hard time lugging it up and down the steep slopes and stairs. So do come here with a simple backpack to make life easier.

ShangHaiGuan Hotel

For more information on staying at Jiufen, please continue with the next post : Overnight At Jiufen, in which I visited Jiufen for the second time and eventually stayed in this ShangHaiGuan Guesthouese.

ShangHaiGuan Hotel

Readers do take note that I am not in any way associated with any of the hotels or teahouses mentioned. I merely relate what I had seen and thought to be. It was all my personal opinions and experiences.

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