Rhine Falls – always go for the boat ride.

RhineFalls10Many of us who came for this Europe trip has things they want to see or eat in mind in Germany.  To eat the Pork Knuckle, visit the nineteenth-century Neuschwanstein Castle which was said to have inspired the Disneyland castle and see the Rhine Falls. Prior to the visit, most of us had seen pictures and video on Rhine Falls. It soon became a highlight in the itinerary.

Map Of Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is situated near the border of Switzerland and Germany. We were on our way to Germany then and were about to leave Europe for home in the next 2 days, when we made a stop over at the largest plain waterfall in Europe said to stand tall at 23 meters and a width of 150 meters.

The visit, however, was a bit of disappointment, as the Rhine Falls has its width but not the imposing height to stun us. The only thing  which made us stay there for a while longer was hearing the thundering pours of the waterfalls, which at times was deafening. Many of us who had seen the awesome Niagara Falls in America couldn’t help but utter words of being let down. Our guide offers us to take a boat ride to get close to the Falls, probably to earn extra commissions,  but was quickly rejected. Perhaps, it was because of the freezing late autumn, everyone just want to get back to the tour bus. In the end, it became just a photo-stop where we fired a few shots, get some souvenirs and left the place in less than an hour.

Hours later, however, I came to regret for not taking the boat ride. Perhaps, it’s the only way to ‘feel’ the falls… …That’s one thing I learnt from tour, follow your instinct, not the crowd. It was a painful lesson.

Watch this fantastic video by Kanal on the Falls.

Rhine Falls

On the way to the Rhine Falls.

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls PC130298 (22) Rhine Falls













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