Taipei Travel Guide- From Taipei to Shifen, Jiufen, Yeliu, Qingtong

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Traveling without a guide is never easy, the most worrying part is the transportation. After the 5 days at Taipei, I’m obliged to share this Taipei Travel Guide with all would be travelers to lessen the worries.

All our worries about Taipei transport system came to nut when in less than an hour and after 2 successful rides we discovered that though the train system is extensive and looks intimidating, it is comprehensive as well. In Taipei one don’t even need a taxi. And we stick to that, in our 5 days over here, each of us spent about TWD$600 (USD$18.60) each on train and less than TWD$500 or USD$16 on taxi (excluding the trip to Jiufen/Shifen).

Taipei Travel Guide- Easycard

Get your credit-card size Easycard from the counter. To travel in Taipei, it’s a must to have this card, it saves commuter the trouble of purchasing a ticket every time you need to board the train. The Easycard allows commuter to top up a certain amount of money ( I bought one at TWD$500 from Taoyuan airport upon arrival, since I know I’m going to travel to many places ) and it can be used for most buses, train and even HSR ( High Speed Rail ) train. We used it for our trip to Jiufen through HSR train and then by bus to Yeliu. For those who are unsure of how much to buy, my advise is simply purchased a TWD$200, and top-up the card when the amount slowly depleted after few trips.

Taipei Travel Guide- Easycard

So how expensive/cheap it is to travel by train?

Honestly, I didn’t bother to check the price of the train fare when I travel, since I need to take it. It was only after a dozen of trips that I realized that the card value never seems to exhaust. I went to check with the station staff to ask for a print out of my trip ( they can print out the last 3 trips per day), only to be shocked at the low price of the train fare. Following is a print-out of some of my trips. Noticed that the average train fares is just TWD$20 or USD$0.60.

Taipei Travel Guide- Easycard

The 3 Types Of Train In Taipei

In Taipei, all trains are commonly called as ‘train’. In actual fact travellers need to know the 3 main types of train operating in Taipei alone.
1. Taipei Metro – it operates within Taipei itself, serving commuters to the hundred of train stations, very much like the MRT ( Mass Rapid Transit) of Singapore.
2. HSR- High Speed Rail brings you to places beyond Taipei, to as far as the famous Taroko Gorge and Gaoxiong, Tainang etc.
3. Railway – commonly known as TRA( Taipei Railway Administration), it brings commuters out of Taipei too, just like HSR, but travelling time is not as fast. This is the train we are taking to Jiufen and Shifen, through Ruifang.

Taipei Main Station

It is a huge building containing eateries and the various mode of transportation to all over Taipei city and whole of Taiwan through Taipei Metro (MRT) , TRA and HSR ( High Speed Rail)train. Probably the most important building for all tourists. For the next few days, we came here only 3-4 times, but we came few times to the few buildings nearby it to book tickets to Yeliu, Jiufen and Shifen.



Taipei Travel Guide- Taipei Main Station

Taipei Train Map

Taipei Travel Guide- Taipei train map

Photo Credit : Metro Taipei

There are so many main train stations (indicated by the big black dot) where commuters can interchange to another train route, that makes travelling so convenience and fast.

Taipei Travel Guide- Taipei Train map

Photo Credit : Metro Taipei

One good thing about Taipei train system is that the trains interval is frequent, it comes almost every 10 minutes. From the train map we saw that there are more than 130 stations around, but do not be scared by it, as the distance between stations is very short, on average it’s just a 2 minutes travel from one station to another. So short is the distance that I actually overshot my destinations on few occasions.

How helpful is Taipei train system to tourist?

I had the impression that the authorities had in mind what tourists actually want when it comes to its train service. Taipei train system is ultra friendly to the tourists. It’s almost customised for the tourists. In fact, tourists could access most of the popular attractions just by taking the train, alight from it and take a 5-10 minutes walk to the attraction. I myself spent TWD$600 just on the train itself, I rarely hired a cab.

Look, there’s even an informative signage telling tourists what to see and how to go at Taipei Main Station, which I rarely seen in the many countries I had visited.

Taipei Travel Guide- Train guide to attractions

Photo Credit : Metro Taipei

Following is a brochure available for free at every train station, get a copy for your reference. It comes with the English, Chinese and Japanese version.

Taipei Travel Guide- From Taipei to Shifen, Jiufen, Yeliu, Qingtong

Photo Credit : Metro Taipei

Following  picture: The 16th recommended attractions. Highly recommended for all. I visited about 60% of it in my first 5 days in Taipei ( I came to Taipei twice in 4 months).

Taipei Travel Guide- Train guide to attractions

Photo Credit : Metro Taipei

Taipei attractions business hours

Once again, as in earlier posts, visitors need to take note that most attractions in Taipei are closed for business starting from 6-6.30pm daily. Monday is also not a day to visit many of the above mentioned attractions, as most of it is closed to the public, it’s a rest day for them. So do check with the Hotel staff or relevant authorities before embarking on the trip.

1.How to go Jiufen from Taipei?

To go Jiufen, tourist needs to take a 50 minutes train journey to Ruifang Station and from there change to taxi or bus to Jiufen. By the way, Ruifang is a very small town.

Jiufen Old Street

Go to Taipei Main Station, then proceed to the TRA station ( in the same building as Taipei Main Station ). Use your Easycard or purchase a train ticket at the station instantly. Next, proceed to the basement. In case you ended up in the wrong platform and board the wrong train, do look out for signages or ask for directions. Lastly, wait for the Ruifang train arrival.

2. How to go Shifen from Taipei?

Tourists who goes to Jiufen would certainly include Shifen as a package tour or in the same day itinerary, since both are neighbours. Besides, who would want to miss the great fun of letting go Sky Lantern at Shifen?

Taipei Travel Guide- From Taipei to Shifen

After touring Jiufen, most visitors would be left with little time for Shifen, most people are exhausted also after a 5-6 hours of fun at Jiufen. It would be quite tiring to take a bus from Jiufen to Ruifang, and then take another train from Ruifang Train Station to Shifen station.

Which is why we preferred to take a taxi from Jiufen to Shifen. The journey is about 30 minutes, and cost us TWD$600 or USD$17.90. But we negotiate for a tour package, which includes from Jiufen to Shifen and back to Taipei. That pumped the whole trip to TWD$2,000 or USD$59.65. We felt it was well worth the price, as it saved us so much trouble of transferring from one mode of transportation to another.

Taipei Travel Guide- From Taipei to Shifen

That was the charges then, 4 months later, on my second visit to Taipei, the price was hiked slightly :

Taipei Travel Guide- from Taipei to Shifen, Jiufen,Yeliu,Qingtong

Following is a package tour offered by taxi drivers at Ruifang Station. I thought it is very economical for group tour, where all 4 persons in the taxi could share the cost.

Taipei Travel Guide - From Taipei to Shifen

3. How to go to Yeliu from Taipei?

From Taipei to Yeliu

To go Yeliu, simply go to Taipei Main Station, then proceed to Kuo-Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal.

Taipei Main Station


Take note: Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport was previously housed at Taipei West Bus Station, not anymore since mid 2017, as it has shifted. Now it has its own building.

Taipei Travel Guide

Take note: Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport was previously housed at Taipei West Bus Station ( above picture), not anymore since mid 2017, as it has shifted. Now it has its own building, called Kuo-Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal. 

Kuo-Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal.


Kuo-Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal.

Kuo-Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal is  just 30 meters away from Taipei Main Station M1 and M5 exit:

Kuo-Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal.




Victor Lim

That’s me at Kuo- Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal

Buy your tickets to Yeliu at TWD$96 or USD$2.95. The bus comes every 15 minutes. Go take the bus service 1815. The journey takes 50 minutes, with more than 10 stops in between.

Taipei Travel Guide- From Taipei to Shifen, Jiufen,Yeliu,Qingtong

Do not worry about where to alight, firstly, Yeliu is a very popular attraction, many commuters would alight. Secondly, the bus captain announced the word ‘Yeliu’ loudly. Thirdly, there is a recorded announcement on which bus stop comes next. Best of all, the announcement was made in both Chinese and English.


Of course it is more economical to go Yeliu by taxi in a group of 4, I was told by the hotel staff the fare is about USD$40.00, and it takes about 30 minutes to be there.

Taipei Taxi Service

In Taipei, because the train route coverage is so extensive, travelling by train is always our first option. But there are few occasions when we took taxi to save some precious time. The taxi fare in Taipei starts at TWD$70 upon boarding, they are all metered-fare. Just make sure the fare meter is switched on when you board it. Most of our rides cost about USD$8. Taipei taxi fare is affordable, the drivers we encountered with are also very friendly and helpful, some even acted as guide to help promote Taiwan.

Taipei Travel Guide- Taipei taxi service

Happy Taipei trip to you!

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